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B Y   A L A K E S H   B O R U A H

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This is a snapshot of my indulgence in creative work, ranging from my early tryst with art & design in the amalgamation of fashion with a bit of technicality. Although my lenience towards creative arts started at an early age, the work here is a reflection of my journey for the last seven years, as a professional in the field.


P R O J E C T s

l I f e  s T u d y


The Sadhu

This is an original portrait of a Hindu monk

A monk who travels around living a simple lifestyle practicing abstinence from worldly pleasures to focus more on spiritual practice.

In this art, I am trying to bring down the intellectual or spiritual expression of a complete soul but in a curious way, where his eyes are still hungry and searching for the light somewhere in some corner of the universe.


A portrait of an old man 

When the old man says - "Promise me, son,
Not to do the things I've done.
Walk away from trouble if you can.
It won't mean you're weak
If you turn the other cheek.
I hope you're old enough to understand:
Son, you don't have to fight to be a man."

By: Kenny Rogers

 This art is all about the man who has seen everything in his life, every wrinkles and fold of his skin are the witnesses of his life journey.

Check out the Process


The Look

Monochromatic portrait

The satisfaction of completing a journey. Life is not about riches, it's about living it to the fullest.


This art is all about depicting the ordinary life of a man for whom his life is extraordinary. 

No More Ears

Mr, Mike Tyson blowing a bubble gum

"My whole life as a kid from 12 years old, I was just taught to beat people, break them down, humiliate them, break their will, My whole life was a regret, my actions, my conduct, a lot of stuff I've done in my life, especially as a fighter," he said.

Through this piece of art, I am portraying Mike's life after his volatile past, where he finds himself in his purest state like of a child, chewing & blowing bubble gums, not ears. 


Untitled-Artwork (3).jpg

W H O   A M   I

An Artist



I started drawing as a newborn and haven't stopped since. 

A piece of paper and pencils have always been with me, through which I communicate my thoughts and other's musings as well.       

I believe designing is a journey of discovery and every piece of design can be a work of art. 


Apart from this, I've been known to wear a 'musician' hat too, which has become a driving force behind my creativity. I have been playing the role of lead guitarist in a thrash metal act called “FARRAGO (a renown metal band of NorthEast)” since 2010.



Education: Graduated from National Institute of Fashion Technology

   Specialization in Accessory & lifestyle Product Design


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