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Brand Campaign - Doodle art

Motion Graphics

Ad Campaign/Product promotion -  Safety mask                                       Story | Animation | Script | Voice 

Brand Campaign - Video intro/SFX

Intro Animation - Social Media Videos

Name intro Animation

Brand Social Media - intro Animation, Rain effect


Re-branding, Limited Edition packaging Design


aos emblame.png

Company logO Brand Identity


XENOCRUISER - infographic layout design

Random Infographic - futuristic 2.jpg

The "Xenocruiser" infographic project is a visual representation of a hypothetical futuristic weapon. The project was created using Adobe Photoshop and is designed to showcase the unique features and capabilities of the Xenocruiser. The infographic includes detailed illustrations of the weapon's design and specifications, including its advanced propulsion system, state-of-the-art targeting technology, and powerful armaments. The project also provides information on the weapon's potential uses and capabilities in a variety of military and defense scenarios. Overall, the "Xenocruiser" infographic project provides a clear and engaging overview of this futuristic weapon and its capabilities.

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